Meetings in executive team

The system is prepared for all languages. WhatGoesUp is an electronic system to support your meetings. The system is designed for the leader of the executive team, and is created to support the style that suits you best. 

Removes administration 

The system will automatically send a draft-agenda to you based on previous agreements. It follows up on all agreements made in previous meetings. Thus it reduces the administration attached to planning and following up, giving you the opportunity to focus on the execution.

There are already lots of IT  that can structure your work, but most of them are designed to help an individual be more efficient or a project team collaboration with more ease. See some of them here. A management team is not a projectteam. It is a group of leaders with the task of enhancing the performance of the business. The individuals of this group have inherited tasks and culture from the leaders before them, and they need to preserve the best of this. At the same time they will create new practises, that others after them must be able to lead on. WhatGoesUp is created for management teams.


Benchmark and ongoing leadership development 

WhatGoesUp makes it easier to schedule meetings, control the process at the meeting and follow up on the agreements, made at meetings. In addition to removing the administration, the leader receives annual statistics and comparison with other executive teams. Last but not least you will get definite leadership inspiration tailored to your agenda.

WhatGoesUp is design for the leader of the executive team  

To get the most out of the system, adapt it to you style:

  • Enter the deadlines you have decided to apply to your management team
  • Enter who will be involved in your management team
  • Enter the dates of upcoming meetings
  • Enter fixed meeting points that are repeated at all meetings
  • Enter the company's strategic annual cycle for critical business activities

Members of executive team can always enter the system through a personal link

Using the app the member of the team can check up on the date and theme for the upcomming meeting, check his own to-do-list and suggest items to the agenda.

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